Our brand is realized not only through consistent craftsmanship and the use of premium denim fabrics, cutting, sewing , Washing , Finishing and paying attention to every detail at every stage of the process, as well as first-class technology from Italy and Turkey . We achieve inspiration by including concepts such as Reliability, Unity, Modesty, Integrity, Nobility, Open-mindedness. Here we were created as RUMINO!


Our trip starts from CUTTING DEPARTMENT

First step: Auto Spreader

Automatic Spreader from SERKON.

Second step: Auto Cutter

This special machinery operates at the speed of 80 m/min with a cutting height up to 0.08 metres. The fabric cutting width available is from 1.6 metres to 2.6 metres. MC 80-70 comes with an intelligent knife system which senses deflection of the knife while cutting high-ply spreads and changes the knife angle to compensate for the deflection. It results in more accurately cut parts and nest parts closer together to achieve outstanding material utilization.

Sewing Department

110 Machines from SIP Italy and Brother Industrial sewing Machines and Pegasus.

Automated SIP Italy Machine Setups

110 Machines from SIP Italy and Brother Industrial sewing Machines and Pegasus. used for eight diverse processes: Pocket Attach Setup, Pocket Heming Setup, J Stitch Setup, Panel Surging Setup, Waistband Attach, Loops Attach, Setup

Industrial Brother Sewing Machines

Brother is a Japanese company, whose profile comprises a diversity of electronic, industrial as well as domestic appliances, and is one of the world’s leaders in the production of Industrial Sewing Machines and Printing.Brother Products are in line with EU regulation 2002/95/EG. With all new developments of Brother Industrial machines we always aim to lower the energy consumption of our machines, but not losing the known Quality performance.

Pegasus Machines

Japanese comp\ny company Pegasus provides with various kinds of sewing technology, such as hand sewing, plain seaming, chainstitching are employed to complete each piece of comfortable-to-wear clothing. Especially chianstitching, which utilizes the characteristics of stretchy fabrics, has a broad range of applications and is used for different parts of clothes.

Washing Department

A complete industrial setup from Realist Makina and Metod Makina including Dry and Wet process.

Realist Makina

Washing machine

Metod Makina

Dryer Machine

Ozon denim

Ozon Denim is part of our sustainable production project

Realist Makina

Washing machine

Finishing Departments

Complete Setup with Advance Automation for Ironing and Packaging

Button and rivet attach

main priority is paying attention to every singly piece of details, as button and rivet attachment is the most crucial accessory we try to do the whole project with love and without any procrastination.

High quality ironing tables and auto thread trimmers.

Packaging process is done manually with the highest level of accuracy.