Corporate social responsibility, inside and out

At Delta Rumino we understand our role includes building our society – inside the company and throughout our communities.

Employee health and welfare

We’re committed to the long-term safety, good health and wellbeing of all employees. People who work with us know they’ll have a good wage along with access to subsidized meals and free transport. And our staff sees the concern about their safety in regular fire safety training and drills, and in our proper maintenance of equipment and facilities.

We also provide residential housing assistance to our foreign employees, and employees receive free medical coverage for them.

We’re now involved with a major brand in a pilot Workers Wellbeing Initiative that has us partnering with a Health and Nutrition Development NGO, and with the Business for Social Responsibility group to target economic empowerment, good health and family well-being, equality and acceptance, educational and professional development, and access to a safe and healthy environment.

Environment: We at Delta Rumino are very concerned about Environment. We believe in sustainability. We are working on less water consumption and less chemicals to make the products sustainable. With ozone and water treatment plant we are a step ahead towards the sustainability.